“Since Eve ate the apple, much depends on dinner.”

– Lord Byron

Byron Bay has long been a drawcard for poets, artists, musicians and lovers of natural beauty. Its charm remains in those quarters, but the humble township has also gained quite the reputation of late for its gourmet credentials.

No longer bound by people’s expectations of the Byron region simply as a “hippie” paradise or a haven for surfers, the district is now making the most of its abundant local produce and is taking risks to transform these foundational elements into delectable creations tailored to all manner of taste preferences. In doing so, the town’s reputation as a source of fresh and original gourmet cuisine continues to radiate to an extent that is drawing attention from Australia’s key metropolitan foodie havens.

The venues that seem to do best are those that manage to encapsulate aspects of the region’s charm into their aesthetic experience, as much as their culinary design. Whether it’s the rustic appeal of The Farm, Harvest Café’s market delicatessen, the Mediterranean styling of Halcyon House, the industrial sensibilities of the 100 Mile Table or the adventurous sophistication of Brunswick Heads’ Fleet, there are challenges and delights awaiting any foodie when visiting this beautiful part of the world.

This philosophical shift arguably began with Harvest, which has acted as somewhat of an elder statesman for the movement. Founded by Kassia & Tristan Grier and Brooke Hudson, Harvest boldly pioneered the “paddock to plate” model in Byron, with a heavy cultural emphasis on delivering sustainable, farm fresh and organic produce. The operation markets individual elements through their deli, and combines them with exceptional skill at their Newrybar restaurant.

The Farm, as its name implies, is set on a working agricultural facility and is home to the acclaimed Three Blue Ducks, which is a well-oiled operation that turns over 100s of covers each day, while still maintaining a fresh, varied, localized menu that delivers heavily on the charm of the setting.

Fleet plays upon provenance, boasting a selection of unique dishes created from largely organic, sustainable ingredients, backed by a matching wine menu that avoids the larger brands while promoting the distinct product of boutique vineyards. The result comes across as an intimate, personalised experience that makes the diner feel deeply connected to the district.

The vision for our own Lord Byron Distillery builds upon this emerging tradition. While Byron’s new legion of dining experiences tend to boast a paddock-to-plate supply chain, we similarly offer a paddock-to-bottle model. This ensures that our clientele is aware of the sources of our ingredients, and that these sources are both sustainable and infused with the distinct Spirit of Byron.

So next time you’re in the Byron region, check out how this favourite weekend getaway location is transforming into a gourmet wonderland. Your body and soul will cherish the decision.