The Upsider November 2019 | by Chris Ashton

‘Simple and Refreshing’:
The classic cocktail set to be everywhere this Summer

A twist on a classic

Encouraging people to see whisky in a new light is a goal also shared by Lord Byron Distillery’s head bartender and cocktail instructor Billie-Jean Bray.

“Whisky is just so much fun,” says Bray, an enthusiastic whisky fan and recent top eight finalist in Australian Bartender Magazine’s award for Bartender of the Year 2019.

“People often don’t see that side of it, but once you start learning about it and how the flavour profiles change throughout the world, it’s incredible. The variance of flavours can go from fresh and fruity to savoury and salty, light-bodied and easy to strong and full flavoured.”

Bray believes the highball is a light-hearted and refreshing way to enjoy whisky, as well as a perfect introduction to the classic spirit.

“We’ve come a long way in the last 10 years, people are more educated about food and drink, and the idea of a drink being gender-exclusive is fading. We’re dawning on the idea that whisky can be enjoyed in many ways, not just as a nightcap while sitting on a leather chesterfield smoking a cigar.

“I also think the general public is making the conscious effort to reduce sugar in their diets, with the awareness we have now about what we’re putting in our bodies.”

Whether you’re looking for a refreshing new summer cocktail staple or perhaps just seeking a new way to enjoy an old favourite, the whisky highball is a trend worth raising a glass to.

The Upsider Nov 2019 A Twist On A Classic