Developing the Lord Byron Distillery Brand

Lord Byron was born in 1788, a pivotal year in modern Australia’s history. Captain Cook named Cape Byron after the grandfather of the legendary poet, romantic free-spirit and seeker of knowledge. Lord Byron Distillery founder Brian Restall has long since read the works of, and studied the life of, Lord Byron.

I marvel at the remarkable creativity, passion, rebellious non-conformism and liberated freedom of Lord Byron. Despite rules, regulations and controversy, more than 200 years ago now, he was fearless and determined in his pursuit of exploration, experimentation and fearless love. At Lord Byron Distillery we aim to honour him in all that we do. We believe that the Spirit of Byron® lives in us all.– Brian Restall

The Lord Byron Distillery Logo

The Lord Byron Distillery logo was developed in March 2016, designed to reflect the core brand values and vision, yet cut through in a highly competitive market.  We drew inspiration for our icon from the many drunken tales of mermaids and sirens by rum lovers throughout the ages, also tipping our hat in honour of the many and varied illustrations of mermaids that have donned the Byron crest.

Our mermaid sits within a bottle, making the bottle lid a crown. She is strong, sexy and spirited, the perfect match for Lord Byron. Her tail is a fleur-de-lis; an ancient symbol reflective of purity, perfection, light and life. In the middle ages, each point of this symbol stood for faith, wisdom, chivalry and sharing. The Spirit of Byron is therefore captured within the icon and that icon sits on the bottle containing it.  A riddle within a riddle, much like a lot of the poet’s own life. 

The four finials upon the crown represent the four essential elements of the distillery; aroma, colour, taste and complexity.

The icon is accompanied by hand-finished lettering, slightly quirky, with the romance and eccentricity of Byron and an elegance reflective of a bygone era.