“A truly unique drinking experience results from the best, local, sustainably-sourced ingredients, and a respect for traditional artisanal distilling methods – there are no compromises.” – Brian Restall

At Lord Byron Distillery, we believe that you deserve to know where your drinks come from and how they are made. In the pursuit of excellence, we focus on sustainable farming and sourcing local ingredients as well as traditional artisanal distilling methods to deliver customers a truly unique drinking experience. This passionate belief is at the core of all that we do.

Passion alone though is not enough. Passion must merge with experience and excellence. From day one the Restall family enlisted the experience of the world-renowned rum expert, Luis Ayala to guide them on their journey to create a unique drinking experience for us all to enjoy.

Luis Ayala is a world-leading expert in the production of exceptional rums. His extensive experience includes launching rum distilleries, training master blenders and designing the first ever Riedel rum glass. He is the world’s most published author on Rum, has been organizing and judging international rum competitions for over 20 years and was granted to Rum Specialist of the Year Award from the International Rum Conference in 2012. He is also the founder of The Rum University in the USA where he devotes much of his time and vast experience training the next generation of rum distillers.

Passion, experience and excellence, Lord Byron Distillery is the coming together of all these elements in a pristine area of unparalleled beauty – Byron Bay, Australia.

It is a great pleasure to host Luis Ayala and his wife in Byron Bay. We continue to benefit from his decades of world-leading distillery experience. We can’t wait to share the resulting quality of these drinks with you. Once experienced, nothing compares.

“It gives me great pleasure to work with the Restall family: our uncompromising views on quality and respect for the environment are truly aligned, resulting in distillates that are both outstanding in quality and admirable from a sustainability perspective.” – Luis Ayala