“Handcrafted provenance doesn’t end at distillation. Knowing how a drink is aged is equally important.” – Brian Restall


Handcrafted provenance is about knowing where your drinks come from and how they are made. We believe it is your right to know this and it is what drives us every day.

The journey of handcrafted provenance begins with sustainably sourcing quality ingredients, from as locally as possible. It continues through the initial fermenting and distillation stage, and is completed when the product is suitably matured and packaged; providing you with handcrafted provenance in a bottle. Of these stages, maturing arguably receives the least attention.

A first-class distilled spirit will not meet its fullest potential unless matured in the finest premium oak casks. At Lord Byron Distillery, our rum casks are handmade by an acclaimed Australian artisan cooper; ensuring that the maturation process delivers the best possible drinking experience to our customers.

Seppeltsfield Cooperage is known for their ability to craft casks that imbue drinks with a rich, resonant palette of flavours. Under the guidance of expert Andy Young, this leading cooperate company which, like ours, is a family-owned Australian business, works with its distilling partners to deliver something truly special.

Working hand-in-hand to create the right balance of flavours through both the crafting and maturation process, this partnership ensures that our guiding “handcrafted provenance” principle does not end at the distillation phase, but delivers the sort of uniquely tailored drinking experience that discerning customers are yearning to explore.