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Lord Byron Distillery Carbon Neutral Zero Waste

You deserve to know where your drinks come from and how they are made.

Lord Byron Distillery is the coming together of ethical and sustainable practices, provenance, authenticity and quality – from our humble family farm to our micro-distillery, in the world renowned spiritual capital of Australia; Byron Bay, New South Wales.

OUR MISSION: To develop a revered collection of world-class spirits by combining sustainably sourced, natural ingredients with traditional hand-crafted methods, created in a pristine area of unparalleled beauty. 

On this a land of powerful spiritual and energetic significance with sacred ley lines and obsidian crystal beneath rich, fertile soil, where the fresh pacific ocean trade winds first reach the coast of Australia – here, together, we can make history.

TERROIR: Byron Bay is a uniquely fertile area for growing ideas and produce. The fresh winds of the pacific ocean first reach the coast of Australia at Byron. It is the perfect place to craft and create the world’s best spirits.

PROVENANCE: Our ingredients are sustainably source, as locally as possible.

WATER: Filtered and purified water sourced locally from Byron.

TIME: We take time and care to ferment our drinks using special yeast strain to create, develop and intensify their own complex and unique flavour characteristics.

DISTILLATION: Our Rum is twice distilled in hand made copper pot stills. Our neutral spirits are triple distilled to guarantee purity.

BARRELS: A mix of new and recycled oak barrels are specially prepared to an exacting standard to ensure they impart their unique flavour characteristics.

MATURATION: Ample time in the sub-tropical environment creates depth of character and quality.

BLENDING: Our artisans delivers quality and consistency of flavour.

FILTRATION: Prior to bottling, a final gentle filtration is performed to ensure purity.

Thou spirit entices;
a yearning to the depths of my very existence.

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